Zewail – Consultative Council Cornerstone of Sisi’s Future Vision

Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail stressed that the consultative presidential council of Egyptian scientists is one of the cornerstones of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s vision for the future.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday 1092014 to expound his future vision on conditions in Egypt, Zewail said the council members, who will be joined by other scientists and experts in various fields as well, will be working free of charge. They intend to offer aice for the homeland and do not consider themselves government employees.

This is the first time that the President resorts to scientists and experts for decision-making, he added.

Zewail told the press conference that the Zewail City includes a university and distinguished research centers unlike other universities.

Zewail University accepts students based on proficiency only and this has nothing to do with finance, he said, adding that it accepts only 4% of students who submit their applications.

Talaat Harb Center for Economic and International Affairs has been established to promote the Egyptian and international economic markets, he added.

The City is an organization aimed at enhancing education and scientific research in Egypt, he stressed.

The City’s consultative council includes six Nobel Laureates, he said, adding that next month, a center for Nano technology will be opened as well.


Source : Egypt State Information Service