Wust Al Balad Band On The Roman Theater In Alexandria

In the framework of the summer festival in Alexandria organized by the Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, Wust Al Balad Band will perform a concert at 9:00 pm on Friday 26 July on the Roman Theater.

The program includes presenting a distinguished collection of the band works which has achieved a great success as innovative treatments for the issues of the new generation including: Karbali, Downtown, Antica, Hellahob, Am Mina, Majnoon, Atalkmi, Shaman, Shams Al Nahar and others.

It is worthy of note that Wust Al Balad Band is a lyrical Ensemble that has began its career in 1999 and succeeded in achieving the rapid celebrity, achieving a large turnout in Egypt and Arab world.

It released several distinguished albums and participated in some of famous movies.

Source: State Information Service Egypt