World Tourism Forum names Egypt as best model for crises management

The World Tourism Forum on Friday named Egypt as the best model for crises management and getting out of them more solid, especially after winning the “International Leadership in Tourism” award this year from the International Council for Tourism and Travel.

The prize comes in culmination of the state’s efforts to enhance the sector of tourism to be more solid and capable of withstanding shocks.

Tourism Minister Rania el Mashat has participated in an emergency session hosted by the forum on the impact of the recent terrorist attacks on Sri Lanka’s tourism movement.

During the session, the tourism minister reviewed Egypt’s experience in overcoming crises and absorbing shocks over the past years.

She went on to say that Egypt’s tourism sector has managed to recover after a slump that lasted for much of the last decade, thanks to ongoing and effective cooperation between the public and private sectors.

El Mashat pointed out that the country’s efforts are not limited to facing crises, but to the start of the process of construction and development, in addition to exerting efforts to enhance the security situation.

She added that Egypt is in contact with world countries to give them a real picture about its security conditions. She noted that Egypt came at the top of the list of the world’s most safest countries in an annual report released by the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre.

Source: State Information Service Egypt