Wazir: Egypt ready to transfer expertise of road quality to African countries

Transport Minister Kamel el Wazir voiced Egypt’s readiness to transfer its expertise in the field of road quality to the African countries and cooperate with all African Union (AU) institutions in this regard.

The minister was speaking during a round-table discussion on road safety in Africa, which is organized by the African Union on the sidelines of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Sweden, the Transport Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

During the discussion, Wazir reviewed the measures that Egypt has adopted to reduce traffic accidents, asserting the importance of working on several axes to reduce the traffic-related death rates, such as upgrading road designs, improving the behavior of drivers and activating law mechanisms in this regard.

Thanks to these axes, Egypt jumped in road quality from the 118th place to the 28th place in 2019, he added.

Source: State Information Service Egypt