Violence follows protests in Mansoura and Ismailia

By Rawan Ezzat

Clashes erupted in Mansoura on Tuesday morning, after the death of teenager Islam Rashad, causing at least 17 injuries.

Rashad, 14, died on Tuesday morning from a severe beating after attending a demonstration in support of the armed forces.

Hamdy Kenawy, a local resident and a member of Al-Dostour Party said: “the Muslim Brotherhood held a march that headed towards the police station, while passing by a group of young people who chanted in support of the armed forces.”

Mansoura residents blocked the march and threw rocks at the demonstrators, who fired back using live bullets, he said, adding: “Everyone was running everywhere for about 20 minutes, until two police vehicles arrived.”

Spokesman of the Freedom and Justice Party, Tarek Al-Morsi, said: “policemen should stop paying thugs to fight peaceful protests, we will never give up.”

Meanwhile, clashes in Ismailia resulted in 25 injuries.

Amr Warwary, a member of Al-Dostour Party and a resident said: “clashes broke out after pro-Morsi protesters organised marches to police stations across Egypt, in protest to police brutality.”

He said a march in support of the ousted president headed to an Ismailia Police station, and residents and political activists took the streets to protect the station. “Both sides chanted slogans, when out of nowhere rocks were thrown and live bullets were shot by both sides,” said Warwary.

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