UAE congratulates Egypt’s interim president

United Arab Emirates (UAE) president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, congratulated Egypt Thursday, saying his country was looking forward to see stability and prosperity return toEgypt.
He said that his country maintains "fraternal and historical relations with Egypt and always looks forward to developing and consolidating these relations…for the benefit of the two countries and the good of their peoples."
Al Nahyan added in a cable dispatched to interim president Adly Mansour: "[The] UAE hopes the Egyptian people achieve all hopes of stability and prosperity."
He also expressed hope that Mansour "succeeds in his historical mission," according to Emirati news agency WAM.
"We have followed with appreciation and satisfaction the national consensus your country witnessed, which had a prominent impact on leading Egypt out of the crisis it faced, using peaceful means that preserved institutions, embodied the ancient civilization of Egypt and enhanced its Arab and international role."
The UAE's foreign minister, Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, said yesterday evening: "The great army of Egypt again proves that it is Egypt's fence, protector and strong shield which guarantees its remaining under the state of law and embraces all components of the Egyptian people."