Two sides, same state

On Sunday, thousands took to the streets to reaffirm the strength of public legitimacy, peacefully marching from all squares across the capital towards Tahrir Square, the presidential palace and Al-Qubba Palace. The Tamarod campaign, which has been organising the marches, suddenly removed a couple of marches from the liston Saturday night, mainly those from middle class areas such as Mustafa Mahmoud Square in Mohandesin.

Instead, all the protestsdeparted from neighbourhoods considered to be of a lower socio-economic class, such as AL-Matariya, Shubra and Mostorod among others. Although the campaign stressed the importance of participating only in official marches due to security concerns, unplanneddemonstrations took place from all over the capital, including Zamalek and Mustafa Mahmoud.

Nerves were high and rumours reigned supreme about hidden weapons and thugs lying in wait for peaceful protesters;in the Ministry of Culture march, a protester saw a bearded man looking downat the protest from one of the surrounding buildings. The word “sniper” was thrown around,andheads turned as marchers strained to see him. Cameras zoomed in on the building, but the mystery man disappeared and the group continued on to Tahrir amongst celebrations, zealous chants and fireworks.

No violence took place in Tahrir; however,there were unconfirmed reports of thugs trying to detain marches in Heliopolis. In addition, there were reports of the arrest ofthe bearded criminal who had pushed children off rooftops in Alexandria on Friday. People deemed the day a success.

The morning announced a different story. At dawn, clashes erupted between the armed forces and the Muslim Brotherhood protesters in front of the Republican Guards headquarters. Conflicting accounts were abundant, including an appalling instance where supporters of the Brotherhood posted photos of martyred Syrian children as victims of the clashes in Cairo. The army claimed that the protesters initiated the attack on the headquarters, while the Brotherhood claimed they were attacked while praying.

The truth remains buried amongst the rubble and dead bodies. The hate for the Brotherhood’s violent acts during the past week in Cairo and Alexandriahasmade it hard for the public to sympathise.  In a statement concerning the clashes, the Freedom and Justice party called for international intervention, and called the public to an intifada against the army.

Many fear a division between the people. On Friday, Safwat Hegazy, one of the more prominent Brotherhood members, said in a televised statement that they are capable ofescalating the situation beyond anybody’s imagination. He also claimed that they would free Mohamed Morsi from his imprisonment inside the Republican Guards headquarters.

There is no confirmation that Morsi is held inside the Republican Guards headquarters, but the Brotherhood leaders have convinced their followers that he is inside; and that they would be able to free him. They consider it a part of their Jihad, but in the clashes this morning, no Brotherhood leader was found.

They just left their people to die. Even though they keep quoting religious texts and making comparisons between Morsi and historic Muslim characters, in times of need, they are nowhere to be found.

The state issued an arrest warrant for Hegazy on Sunday.

Social media websites has been ablaze since dawn, with some defending the army while others defend the Brotherhood. Activists recalled their face-offs against the army in 2011, as well as how the Brotherhood abandoned them during those clashes. They linked Monday’s events to the lack of support the Brotherhood showed in 2011. Karma was mentioned a few times.

Some people are calling for supporting the army, and others are calling for the condemnation of the violence. One is divided between despising the Brotherhood for causing death and destruction and between feeling sorry for the deaths of Egyptians.

Many others have lost faith in all political parties, as well as the armed forces;on both sides there is neither transparency nor trust and confusion remains. The unity of the people has been jeopardised. Egyptians have been asked to choose between two sides on the same map, and the line is drawn with blood.

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