Turkey freezes deal to import buses to Egypt: media

A Turkish company has frozen a LE600 million deal to import buses to Cairo in response to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's Al-Mal newspaper quoted an official from the transportation authority as saying.

Sayyed Kamal, head of the authority’s technical sector, told the newspaper that the company suddenly stopped responding to communications regarding the bus deal.

The LE600-million deal would have seen 600 buses coming to Egypt, the newpaper reported.

Turkish officials slammed Morsy's ouster earlier this month, describing the events as a "military coup."

Egypt's armed forces military toppled Morsy in the wake of mass demonstrations demanding early presidential elections. Both the European Union and the U.S. shied from describing the ouster as a coup.

The Turkish government, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, maintained strong relations with Morsy, who belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt's Foreign Ministry summoned Turkey's ambassador to Egypt, Hussein Avni, on Tuesday to inform him that his country’s statement over the crisis in Egypt were considered an intervention in national affairs.

Egyptian state-run news agency MENA quoted Avni on Wednesday as saying that ratifying a recent agreement signed by Egypt and Turkey was ongoing while other agreements were still valid.