Tunisian President says he did not approve of Brotherhood’s method of ruling in Egypt

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki said he does not agree with the way the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt or how they dealt with different political parties without engaging in national dialogue.
He added that the developments in Egypt are a sign that radical Islamists might make an unchallenged comeback to the political sphere.
In a statement he issued on Sunday, Marzouki added that ousting the “moderate” Brotherhood from the political scene gives an opportunity to extremists to fill this void, which will prove perilous for Egypt, the region and the West.
"The developments that took place in Egypt were due to the lack of a lengthy national dialogue extending for months or even years. In Tunisia, there is dialogue, however," he said.
"Even though internal national dialogue has reached a difficult stage and might need more time, we still hold on to that choice," he said.
Marzouki emphasized the differences between the post-revolution scenarios across Arab countries saying, "What happened to the Egyptian revolution is not going to be repeated in Tunisia– our country is very different. The differences between Egypt, Tunisia and Libya at the social and political levels are evident and so the results will not be the same. There is more than one Arab Spring, not just one."
In his address to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Marzouki called for the release of ousted President Mohamed Morsy and "political prisoners," sparking a diplomatic standoff between the two countries.
Meanwhile, in a statement issued on Friday, the [Egyptian] presidency said it regrets that the Tunisian president is not aware of the situation in Egypt, highlighting that the 30 June protests was a restoration of the 25 January revolution.
The presidency added that it hopes Tunisia will benefit from the Egyptian experience which has shown that people will reject the imposition of a certain model on them that does not suit their tolerant nature.
A source earlier told MENA that Egypt decided to summon its ambassador to Tunisia Ayman Mesharafa for talks over bilateral relations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm