Trade min.: Lineup of Egyptian side in Egyptian-Romanian business council to be announced soon

Trade and Industry Minister Amr Nassar said efforts are under way to form the Egyptian side of the Egyptian-Romanian business council.

In a statement on Thursday, he underlined the importance that the Romanian government would also form the team that would represent it in the council as soon as possible in order to further bilateral cooperation in the economic and investment domains.

He made the remarks during a plenary meeting with Romanian Minister of Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship

Stefan-Radu Oprea, who is currently visiting Egypt to lead the Romanian side at a meeting of the joint committee for economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

Nassar said Romania has a great chance to join the Egyptian market and re-export products to the EU markets, highlighting the great industrial potentials which Egypt has at both regional and continental levels.

He underlined the government’s keenness on promoting joint cooperation, noting that Egyptian-Romanian industrial partnerships can be formed in several African states’ markets.

He added that Egypt seeks to benefit from the Romanian industrial development.

He noted that trade exchange between Egypt and Romania stood at dlrs 750 million in 2018, noting that Romanian investments in Egypt are estimated at dlrs 31.2 million in 77 projects in the fields of tourism, industry, services, communications, IT and real estate.

Meanwhile, the Romanian minister underlined the depth of the Egyptian-Romanian ties, accentuating his country’s keenness on enhancing cooperation with Egypt.

He highlighted the importance of exchanging views on economic, regional and international issues, especially with regard to the World Trade Organization.

Source: State Information Service Egypt