TICAD 7 is an important platform for international partners to support Africa

The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation participated in a conference held by the Japanese Embassy in Cairo on the occasion of the upcoming 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (ALECAD 7) at the end of this month.

It was attended by Head of the Egyptian side in the Egyptian-Japanese Business Council, in addition to representatives of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japanese Foreign Trade Authority (JETRO).

The ministry stressed that the conference is an important platform that brings together many international partners to support Africa and its development aspirations.

It also represents an important partnership between Egypt and Japan, pointing to their partnership in establishing the grand museum and the establishment of a number of Japanese schools in Cairo.

The Japanese Ambassador in Cairo, affirmed that Egypt is one of the most important development partners of his country in Africa, especially in the field of training through the reception of African trainees.

He said that “TICAD 7” aims to strengthen Japanese investment and trade cooperation with African countries, and includes discussions on promoting health, education, climate change and women’s empowerment, and supporting stability, peace and development in the Continent, pointing out that Egypt is expected to play an important role in this context as President of the African Union.

Member of the Egyptian-Japanese Business Council Mohammad Abul-Enein said that the TICAD 7summit is considered one of the most important conferences for African relations with Japan. He explained that the Japanese thought is developmental aimed at building nations and rehabilitating humans.

Source: State Information Service Egypt