Three dead bodies found under Giza bridge

A tok-tok driver found three unidentified dead bodies under Omraneya Bridge on Wednesday and reported the finding to Giza security authorities, who are investigating the incident.

According to a preliminary investigation, a tok-tok driver found the dead bodies which belonged to three men in their thirties. All three had their hands and legs chained and had tattoos on their bodies. The dead bodies were found inside sacks.

Preliminary inspection of the dead bodies found stab wounds in various parts of the bodies. The victims did not have IDs on them and had what seemed like torture marks, burns, and bruises on their bodies.

The Omraneya Prosecution ordered that autopsies be conducted on the dead bodies. According to the investigation, the three men were likely killed in the clashes that broke out at Nahdet Masr Square and al-Bahr al-Azam Street in Giza several days ago.

The prosecution has called on investigators to determine the cause of death.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm