Thousands march to Rabaa

Thousands march to Rabaa

Massive Morsi poster on the ground before Rabaa (Photo by Basil ElDabh/DNE)

Pro Morsi demonstrators march to Rabaa (Photo by Basil ElDabh/DNE)

Thousands of protesters marched to Rabaa Al-Adaweya, the location of a sit-in opposing the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, following Friday prayers.

A group of demonstrators departed from Khazendar Mosque in Shubra following prayers, calling for Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi to “leave” and demanding the return of Morsi to the presidency.

Residents met the march from Shubra to Rabaa Al-Adaweya with hostility, and the police arrested 15 people following clashes between opposing groups, according to state-owned Al-Ahram.

Clashes started when a march leaving Shubra approached Ahmed Badawi tunnel where supporters of Al-Sisi had blocked the road. The clashes reportedly left tens injured, who were transferred to Shubra General Hospital.

“If [Al-Sisi] thinks he can call for millions to come to the streets to even kill one protester in Rabaa, he must know that we will not accept that,” said protester Wael Mohamed in reference to mass Friday demonstrations called by the general to oppose “violence and terrorism.”

“[Al-Sisi] cancelled the ballot box, cancelled legitimacy, and everything else. He wants to go by the legitimacy of the street, so just as 30 June demonstrators gave their opinion. We are doing the same thing. If he respects the legitimacy of the streets, he’ll listen to us,” said Mohamed.

“This coup sent us back to step one,” said schoolteacher Sayed Al-Sheikh. “What leader calls for demonstrations to support him?” he asked.

“The army has authority and power, but we are the people and it has to listen to us,” Al-Sheikh added.

Demonstrators held up signs of the ousted president, chanting, “leave Al-Sisi, Morsi is my president,” and “Islamic”.

Marches in areas surrounding Shubra converged before continuing on the 6th of October Bridge to Rabaa Al-Adaweya.

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