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British reporters deny ‘aiding terrorists’ in work for Al Jazeera in Egypt

TV journalists Dominic Kane and Sue Turton speak out against Egyptian court charge of conspiring with terrorists

Two British journalists accused of aiding terrorists while reporting for Al Jazeera in Egypt last year spoke out against the case for the …

Accused Dutch journalist flees Egypt

Rena Netjes among 20 journalists facing charges of spreading false news and involvement in alleged terror plot

A Dutch journalist has fled Egypt after it emerged she was one of 20 journalists accused last week of “fabricating news” and being …

Egypt faces new threat in al-Qaida-linked group Ansar Beyt al-Maqdis

Proficiency of terror attacks, with helicopter downed, police chief killed and HQ bombed, suggests foreign fighters, say experts

An al-Qaida-inspired group has emerged as Egypt’s biggest terrorist threat in a decade, after a week in which its members claimed responsibility

Tony Blair backs Egypt’s government and criticises Brotherhood

Former British PM says Muslim Brotherhood was stealing Egypt’s revolution and army intervention has put it on right path

Tony Blair has given staunch backing to Egypt’s government following a meeting on Wednesday with its army leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.…

Egypt to charge al-Jazeera journalists with damaging country’s reputation

Rights groups says move to indict 20 employees of news channel marks escalation in state’s campaign against foreign media

Egyptian prosecutors say they will charge 20 al-Jazeera journalists, including two Britons, an Australian and a Dutch citizen, with fabricating news …