Surgeon Yacoub to establish children’s hospital in Burundi

Egypt's ambassador in Burundi, Atteya Abuol Naga, said renowned heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub has agreed to set up a hospital for children suffering from heart diseases.

The Egyptian surgeon visited Burundi from 17 to 20 July.

Abuol Naga said the Selselat al-Amal ("Chain of Hope") institution would provide medical and financial resources necessary to build and equip the hospital.

Yacoub and his top aides would train Burundian doctors and supervise the hospital, he added.

Yacoub headed a medical delegation to Burundi to discuss the possibility of establishing a hospital for minute heart surgeries for children.

Robert Bono, heart surgery professor at the University of Chicago, accompanied Yacoub, along with representatives from the Chain of Hope charity he founded.

The delegation met with senior Burundian and Health Ministry officials.

Yacoub had earlier visited Ethiopia, where he monitored 25 heart surgery operations, in an attempt to improve Egypt's frayed relations with the African state.