Supply Minister examines ways to bolster trade ties with the US


Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Mohamed Abu Shady held a meeting with US Agriculture Secretary Plenipotentiary Ron Verdonk  (pls double check name)in which they discussed ways to bolster economic and trade relations between the two countries.
Abu Shady said he discussed ways to increase trade between the two countries, adding that Egypt imports wheat and oils from the United States.
Verdonk offered to export poultry to Egypt at prices that have a relative advantage and asked for Egypt to increase its wheat imports as the harvest season has started.
Meanwhile, Abu Shady said vegetables and fruits will be sold on markets and at public squares as part of a plan to provide commodities at reasonable prices and to curb the recent rise in fruits and vegetables prices.
He also said that an agreement had been reached with commerce chambers to set guideline price lists for vegetables and fruits and to punish those who violate them.
He also said that the Cabinet seeks to achieve social justice, fight corruption and ensure that subsidies reach their target beneficiaries. He also revealed that his ministry is cooperating with the supply police to launch daily campaigns ensure the quality of commodities available on the market.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm