Supply authority imports 235,000 tonnes of wheat

General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) said on Tuesday it purchased 235,000 tonnes of Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian wheat from 11-20 November and canceled the shipping from 1-10 November.
Mamdouh abdel Fattah, GASC vice-chief, said 60,000 tons of Romanian wheat were purchased from Ameropa at US$254.88 per each ton. Shipping costs US$12.33 per ton. Another 60,000 tons of Russian wheat were bought from Venus, Egypt’s largest grain importer, at US$254.50 per tonne and US$13.23 for shipping of each tonne.
60,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat were bought from Louis Dreyfus, the French agricultural conglomerate, at US$251.88 for each tonne and US$15.90 for shipping of each tonne, abdel Fattah added. Another 55,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat were also purchased from Louis Dreyfus at US$251.68 for each tonne and US$16.10 for shipping.
Egypt usually imports around 10 million tonnes of wheat annually and depends on mixture of local and imported wheat to produce subsidized bread.
Edited translation from Reuters