Student with highest exam score dreams of political stability

Mohamed Hisham Abdel Halim Ali, a student who achieved the best high school grade this year, said that he dreams of a president who is representative of all spectrums of Egyptian society and who leads the people to real economic development.

He added that he spent the first year of his secondary education in the era of former President Mubarak, the second in the era of Field Marshal Tantawi, the third in the era of former President Morsy, and the last in the era of interim President Adly Mansour. “Now I want to spend the seven years at the Faculty of Medicine under one president who achieves stability,” he said.

Ali, who scored 409 points out of a possible 410, said that he does not have any political affiliation and that he did not take part in any demonstrations.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm