PRETORIA, The South African authorities have introduced a technologically advanced National Central Electronic Monitoring System (NCEMS) which will go a long way towards helping the Limited Pay-out Machine industry to generate more revenue and create more job opportunities, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

The National Gambling Board (NGB) implemented the NCEMS nationwide on Dec 18. Limited pay-out machines (LPM) are gambling machines which have a limited pay-out of a maximum of 500 Rand (about 40.70 US dollars) and provide gambling as a social or recreational activity in communities, while punters seeking larger winnings are catered for by casinos, betting on horse-racing or sporting events and bingo.

The new system is aptly named Evolution, as it brings completely new technology to the Limited Pay-out Machine (LPM) industry. With the advanced technology upon which the Evolution system is based, the industry will find itself being supported far more efficiently, while punters will also benefit from newer, more user-friendly ways of gambling on LPMs that would enable the industry to grow, Davies said Wednesday.

The LPM industry contributes significantly to the economy of the country, and also provides jobs for thousands of people, he said. So this advancement in technology will ultimately lead not only to greater revenue being generated by the industry to boost the South African economy, but will also see the creation of more job opportunities, as the industry prepares for further growth.

Under the National Gambling Act of 2004, the NGB is required to supply, install, commission, operate, manage and maintain a National Central Electronic Monitoring System which enables the board to detect and monitor significant events associated with any Limited Pay-out Machine that is made for play in South Africa, and analysing and reporting data according to the requirements of the standards determined in respect of the NCEMS.

The Act further allows the NGB to outsource the supply, installation, commissioning and operation of the NCEMS and related specified and ancillary services required for its functioning.

Davies also congratulated Route Monitoring (Pty) Ltd on their appointment as the new NCEMS service provider. The service provider will run the system for the next eight years.

The National Gambling Board is an agency under the Department of Trade and Industry.