Sources: Egypt probes blast near Suez Canal, shipping unaffected

Egyptian security forces are investigating reports of an explosion near the Suez Canal on Tuesday, security officials said.

An official in the Suez Canal Authority said shipping was operating as normal.

Witnesses said they heard an explosion around dawn near a residential area about one kilometre from the canal.

Three security officials speaking on condition of anonymity said they had received reports of a blast and were investigating the cause.

There were no immediate reports of any deaths or injuries.

However, Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali denied that any explosions had taken place near the Suez Canal as some news websites had reported on Tuesday.

Ali said that troops combed the area of the alleged explosion and found nothing.
Ali added that troops in charge of securing the canal performed their duty in a professional way. The canal is safe and navigation has been unaffected.
News websites reported that residents in Ismailia heard an explosion near the Suez Canal Authority Hospital, although sources did not confirm this.
Edited translation from MENA