Sixty six people thwarted in illegal immigration attempt

Sixty six people attempting to immigrate illegaly to Italy were apprehended on Sunday by Montazah Police and the border guards.
The group caught included 54 Palestinians, 6 Syrians and 6 Egyptians. They were arrested while on the Abu Qir shore waiting for the boat to take them to Italy.
The defendants were taken to Montazah police station for further investigation. 
The non-Egyptian defendants had arrived in Egypt a month ago and lived in Alexandria. They made an agreement with their the Egyptian defendants to take them to Italy for $3000 for non-Egyptian passengers and LE 40,000 for Egyptians, according to the investigation.
Border guards thwarted illegal immigration attempts of 6 Egyptians, 104 Palestinians and 150 Syrians on Sunday, according to armed forces spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm