Sisi raises minimum monthly wage for civil servants to EGP 2000

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced on Saturday 30/03/2019 raising the minimum monthly wage for all civil servants to EGP 2,000 from EGP 1,200.

Sisi made the announcement as part of his speech at a ceremony to honor Egyptian women and ideal mothers.

The president revealed a 7-percent annual allowance for those addressed by the civil service law and a 10-percent allowance for staffers not included in the law.

Sisi also announced an EGP 150 exceptional allowance for all civil servants to alleviate the impact of inflation on wages.

Sisi said the process of paying back debts of pension funds has started at the Ministry of Finance and the National Investment Bank, noting that it will be finalized as per a set timeline.

The President noted that the total wage increases and promotions announced today will cost EGP 30.5 billion, which will in turn raise the wages item at the state budget to EGP 300.5 billion in the new fiscal year, compared to EGP 270 billion in the previous year.

Source: State Information Service Egypt