Sisi orders swift implementation of solid waste management system

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi gave his directives to swiftly implement the new solid waste management system, especially in the over-populated areas within the framework of the attention paid by the State to improving the livelihood of the citizens.

Meeting Prime Minister Mostafa Madboli and a raft of ministers on Monday13/5/2019, President Sisi ordered continuing coordination among the ministries and the bodies concerned to guarantee the success of the new solid waste management system.

He further stressed the importance of using accurate scientific studies and benefiting from distinguished foreign expertise for this purpose, hailing the youth initiatives implemented within the framework of the national campaign to improve the cleanliness system, said Presidential Spokesman Bassam Rady.

During the get-together, Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad reviewed aspects of the executive plan to implement the new solid waste management system.

The ministers also briefed the president on the benefits of the new system which include curbing air and water pollution besides creating new job opportunities, the spokesman reiterated.

Source: State Information Service Egypt