Sisi: Arab-European summit saw constructive discussions on various issues

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Monday 25/2/2019 that the first Arab League-European Union summit witnessed fruitful and constructive discussions on numerous issues.

“Our talks contributed to clarifying our countries’ visions on issues of common concern,” the president added at the conclusion of the two-day summit that brought together the heads of state and government and senior representatives of 50 countries.

In his speech, President Sisi thanked the participating leaders in this historic summit, which he described as being a unique event in the history of Arab-European ties.

In addition, the president expressed confidence that the Arab-European summit has greatly contributed to clarifying states’ views and stands on several issues of common interest.

This could give a strong impetus for Arab-European relations and help the two sides to develop a joint strategic vision on these issues, especially in light of the increasing challenges on one hand, and available potentials and opportunities for strengthening joint cooperation on the other, the president said.

He noted that the diversity of the viewpoints expressed by the two sides was a source of enrichment to the summit’s discussions.

The president went on to say that Arab and European countries have many common factors which bring them closer rather than drive them apart, adding that consensus between the two sides on several issues has exceeded all expectations.

In his speech, President Sisi said the success of the summit is not measured by constructive discussions raised at the gathering, but measured by to what extent it could create a new phase for deepening the long-standing cooperation between Arab and European countries.

He noted that the two parties agreed on holding summit talks on a periodic basis, which shows their strong determination to boost joint cooperation and overcome unprecedented challenges in the early twenty-first century.

The president asserted that the success of Arab-European cooperation depends on taking action by the two sides, calling on Arab and European countries to put aside their differences and stand united for making a better future for all humanity.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said that the next edition of the Arab League-European Union summit will be hosted by Brussels in 2022.

Source: State Information Service Egypt