Sisi affirms importance of constitutional courts in African development

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed on Monday 24/2/2020 the importance of the role of constitutional courts in the development process in Africa as a main pillar of stability.

Sisi’s remarks came on Monday during his meeting with heads of supreme and constitutional courts in Africa, who partake in the fourth African chief justices conference, organized by the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, Presidential Spokesperson Bassam Rady said.

President Sisi affirmed the necessity of the judicial institutions in combating terrorism and extremism and developing the related legal frameworks.

Sisi reviewed Egypt’s vision for fighting this threat by dealing with all its dimensions; security, political, economic, social, and religious and boosting the role of law to effectively confront this challenge.

The president greatly appreciated the constitutional courts’ role in Egypt and Africa, pointing out Egypt pays attention to holding the conference periodically to support the role of the judicial authority in the African communities and exchange expertise among the African courts.

Meanwhile, Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Counsellor Saeed Marie, who attended the meeting, asserted the importance of Sisi’s support to hold the conference. He reviewed topics, which had been discussed during the conference.

The attendees lauded the conference’s vital role in enhancing understanding among the African states in the constitutional judiciary, exchanging expertise, and discussing common challenges that the African constitutional courts face.

Source: State Information Service Egypt