Sinai journalism union condemns latest media arrests

The North Sinai Journalists' and Reporters' Union has condemned the arrest of two reporters from Shorouk newspaper in Arish.
Shorouk reporter Azza Moghazy and photographer Sabry Khaled were arrested during their stay in a hotel in Arish while on a reporting mission, according to a statement released by the union on Monday.
The union described their arrest as immoral, accusing security forces of parading the two men in the streets and throwing away Mohazy's Journalist Syndicate ID card, claiming it only applies to Cairo.
The union statement called the arrests a "new security slap against the Egyptian press in North Sinai." The arrest of two journalists represents another infringement carried out by security forces against the media, following on from the detention of Al-Masry Al-Youm reporter Ahmed Abu Deraa, the statement claimed.
The two journalists were later released, according to the statement.
The Journalists and Reporters Union in North Sinai called on all free journalists and reporters to stand together and rally behind freedom of the press as well as to back the release of Abu Deraa, who is still being held by the Egyptian army in North Sinai.
Edited translation from MENA