Sinai citizens urged to avoid areas targeted by military operation

Military airplanes on Friday dropped leaflets on Sinai warning citizens against approaching security checkpoints as the Armed Forces continue operations against terrorist elements in the region.
The leaflets asked citizens to immediately inform the security forces of suspicious elements who might pose a threat to their lives, providing phone numbers in case of emergency.
“You have always been a support against occupation and terrorism, and over the past few days, terrorist elements have managed to infiltrate your land to launch attacks on citizens and the Armed Forces,” read the introduction.
Egypt's military has recently launched an operation against terrorist elements in Sinai. The region has seen several deadly attacks on police and army facilities over the past two years, encouraged by a security void that followed popular revolts which ousted former president Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and Mohamed Morsy in 2013.
The army said Thursday that 10 militants have been killed as a result of the campaign.
Edited translation from MENA