Shoukry Hopes Iran’s Deal ‘Comprehensive’

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Tuesday 14/7/2015 that he hopes the agreement struck between the west and Iran could be inclusive and maintain the region’s safety.

In an interview with the BBC Network, the foreign minister insisted that Egypt continued its cause to make the Middle East free from mass destruction weapons.

Earlier, the world powers reached a deal with Iran on limiting Iranian nuclear activity in return for lifting international economic sanctions.

Shoukry told the BBC that Cairo follows up with much interest the agreement and fully studies its items.

Asked about Egyptian-Saudi relations, the minister said both Arab countries have very good strategic ties and they coordinate stances at all levels.

Shoukry said no talks were held with the US to establish a base for drones.

The top diplomat renewed support to the UN special envoy to Yemen to reach a political solution to the crisis, adding that Cairo still coordinates efforts with Arab partners.