Security forces crack down on Rafah, Sheikh Zuwayed villages

Army and police forces continued their crackdown on suspected radicals on Tuesday in the villages of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed in Arish, North Sinai for the eleventh consecutive day.
Ewitnesses said security forces had stormed border villages near Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed on Tuesday, adding that the army is cracking down on villages and farms south of Arish and on the road to Arish Airport. 
An official security source meanwhile stressed authorities are continuing a campaign to root out militants, adding that army engineers are still on the look-out for new tunnels on the border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. 
A tunnel was reportedly destroyed on Monday afternoon.
Security has been tightened on all main roads and checkpoints in Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed.
Edited translation from DPA