Secretary general of the National Salvation Front resigns

Ahmed Saeed, Secretary General of the National Salvation Front (NSF), officially resigned late Saturday. Saeed, who is also the head of the Free Egyptians Party, had stopped performing his duties as secretary general one week earlier according Spokesman of the Free Egyptians Party Shehab Wagih.

Wagih said that Saeed resigned because the tasks of leading both the front and the party are time consuming and due to the possibility of a conflict of interest between his two positions.

“Although there have been several meetings to coordinate candidates in the elections, there was no binding agreement to the member parties of the front to finalise candidates for the elections,” said Wagih who added that the front has been successful so far in its mission and a meeting will be held after the referendum to determine its future.

The National Salvation Front formed in reaction to former President Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration expanding his own power, and comprises several liberal parties including the Free Egyptians Party, Al-Dostour, and Al-Moatamar, along with several liberal political figures.

The front supported the 30 June protests, the ouster of Morsi on 3 July, the suggested road map, and the crackdown on pro-legitimacy sit-ins in the squares of Rabaa and Nahda. It has criticised the resignation of Mohamed El-Baradei, who was considered as one of its leading figures.

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