Seamless North Africa exhibition kicks off in Cairo Monday

Activities of Seamless North Africa exhibition for e-commerce will kick off in Cairo on Monday 17/6/2019 under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).

The event is set to be held under the theme “Future of Payments, Fintech and E-commerce”.

Co-organized by the Arab Federation for Digital Economy (AFDE) and the CBE, the two-day event will see a galaxy of ministers alongside leaderships of Africa’s banking sectors, Council of Arab Economic Unity General Secretary Mohamed el Rabei said on Sunday.

Over 1,500 delegates are set to take part in the conference, along with experts in the cutting-edge techniques of payments, fintech (financial technology) and e-commerce.

The Seamless North Africa exhibition helps leading solution providers to showcase a wide range of technologies to partner with retailers, e-commerce companies and payments companies in Africa.

It seeks making their customer’s experience more seamless.

Source: State Information Service Egypt