SC container Co. signs fire combating contract with “Petromnt”

Hani ElNady, head of governmental relations sector at SC company for containers handling at Port Said, said that a contract has been signed with Petromnt company, one of the companies affiliated to Petroleum general authority for developing and upgrading plan of civil protection and fire combating in accordance with international standards after a leap in fire modern systems that reinforce protection and securing of the terminal and the SC corridor.

ElNady also said that implementation of the project of developing safety and health system and increase of the company’s efficiency to control fire during 18 month in cooperation with Petromnt company, reflects the fruitful cooperation between public and private sectors in developing working system in Egypt and raising its efficiency, he also pointed out to availability of distinguished cadres and experiences in governmental sector for such projects implementation.

He again assured that such plans support the competitive privilege of the zone to become one of the best logistic regions all over the world, especially East port Said zone . and it reinforce the state’s plans and outlook that targets s attraction of more investments at the zone specially with its distinguished site and infra-structure and its readiness with regards to depths and investment incentives the government provide with through laws and legislations

He also stressed that the development of civil protection, safety and security systems is part and parcel of factors that support the competitive privilege for any investment region.

Source: Maritime Transport Sector