RWE Dea: A new gas producer in Egypt

RWE Dea: A new gas producer in Egypt

RWE headquarters in Essen, western Germany.  (AFP Photo)

RWE headquarters in Essen, western Germany.
(AFP Photo)

RWE Dea, an international oil and gas company headquartered in Germany, announced that it has launched gas production in Egypt. The RWE Dea project encompasses the development of seven gas fields in the Egyptian Nile Delta.

In an official statement released on September 10, the company discussed the gas production potential; “The production is expected to ramp-up progressively during the commissioning period to reach a rate of around 1.4 million cubic metres of gas per day.”

The company’s first gas production was from the Disouq concession and was delivered to the Egyptian National Grid.

“We’re excited to be able to start production in this RWE Dea growth project…We have, until today, produced oil as [an] operator in the Gulf of Suez for almost 40 years and are now proud to be able to extend our long-term commitment in Egypt to include our own-operated gas production in Disouq,” said Dirk Warzecha, Chief Operating Officer of RWE Dea AG.

RWE Dea stated that at its peak, production levels can reach around 4 to 4.5 million cubic metres per day, a goal that the company aims to achieve in mid-2014.

Maximilian Fellner, RWE Dea Egypt’s general manger, praised the work of the project team in RWE Dea and the Suez Oil Company for their role in the beginning of the exploration and construction of the gas treatment pipelines to the pipeline installation and commissioning.

The international company holds 100% of the shares of the Disouq concession with the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) as a state partner. The oil and gas company has concessions, facilities and offices in fourteen countries of the world, including the UK, Norway, Denmark and Egypt as well as Libya and Algeria, where production facilities are currently under construction.

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