Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, on Tuesday expressed his ambition for Beirut to become a platform for dialogue between conflicting parties through the ministry of dialogue and communications.

Minister Riachy, who is currently in Egypt to partake in the 48th session of the Arab Information Ministers’ Council, considered that this session would not differ from the previous ones, except on the issue of finding ways of combating terrorism.

“We are in a dire need of a joint Arab media that highlights the causes that the region is going through,” Riachy said during an interview to “Extra News” Radio Station.

“I will propose to establish a joint Arab TV sponsored by the Arab League and digital media,” Riachy said about a project that he plans to introduce during the meeting of Arab Information Ministers.

The minister asked to hold the 49th session of the Arab Information Ministers in Beirut, hoping that by next year “Ministries of information in the Arab World would be canceled.”

“Security apparatuses in Lebanon are keeping their eyes open to thwart any terrorist cell that might arise,” he went on.

Commenting on the Lebanese-Egyptian bilateral relations, Riachy described it as “excellent”, considering that the bond between Lebanon and Egypt is solid and strong.

“There is cooperation among the Lebanese, Egyptians, and Arab security apparatuses to follow up on any action that might undermine security,” he minister went on.

Riachi called for educational and media coordination efforts among Arab countries to educate new generations and to prevent them from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Source: National News Agency