Reporters Without Borders denounces detention of journalists in Egypt

Reporters Without Borders has warned that the future of democracy in Egypt is at risk as authorities continue to target journalists.

The organization condemned Egyptian authorities for targeting media affiliated with or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood under the pretext of maintaining public order and national security.

“We are very disturbed by a renewed increase in violations of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of information, and by a wave of official statements displaying clear hostility towards media that fail to sing the army’s praises,” Reporters Without Borders said in a statement Wednesday.

The organization mentioned that more than 10 Egyptian journalists are currently detained and their detention is being renewed every 15 days without being brought to trial.
"Most of the detained journalists work or worked for media affiliated or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood [such as Islam Today, Rassd and Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr]," the statement read.