Reporter Anna Therese Day Tells the Story of Her Detention in a Middle East Jail Known for Torture

The last time I saw Anna Therese Day we were both attending a conference in Dubai. That was just last month, in February. I hopped a plane back home to the United States.

She went to Bahrain.

She was soon arrested with her crew as they were filming a documentary about the legacy of the Arab Spring uprisings. They were charged crimes that carried hefty sentences.

Anna recounts that experience in vivid detail in this Global Dispatches podcast episode.

Getting arrested in Bahrain is just the latest challenge that Anna has faced while trying to tell stories from the Middle East. She was one of the first western journalists to detail the rise of ISIS in Syria, and before that she was one of the first American journalists in Tahrir Square as the Egypt Arab Spring began.

In this episode, Anna discusses her arrest in Bahrain and the challenge of press freedom in the Middle East. She also discusses a career path that led her from Idaho to Syria and many places in between.

Source: UN Dispatch