Red Sea Ports in Suez: Funeral held for murdered employee

By Hassan Ghonema

An official within the Red Sea Ports Authority stated that a funeral would be held for Salim Al-Saeed Mahmoud, 50, an employee within the Authority’s engineering department. The funeral would be held Tuesday afternoon at a mosque in Al-Ganayen district.

Armed masked men fired a hail of bullets onto a microbus traveling towards Ras Shaitan, killing one passenger and injuring 10 others, including a police officer who was driving the vehicle. The bus was traveling from a south Sinai port, transporting employees seeking to go on vacation.

Army forces quickly arrived to secure the area and review the course of events which took place. The Suez Criminal Prosecutor was charged with investigating the events.

General Hassan Falah, Chairman of the Red Sea Ports Authority, stated that one of the injured in the attack had been transferred to a hospital in Cairo after experiencing internal hemorrhaging  in his brain.

An emergency operations unit was created to handle the fallout of the attack. Immediate financial assistance was given to the family of the dead, while four other injured were in intensive care.

Aid would also be provided to those injured, with the cost of their medical expenses covered. All those injured would also be transferred to hospitals in Cairo if the situation required it.

The Suez Public Prosecutor agreed to arrest and detain Ahmed Eid, a teacher thought to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, for a period of 15 days on charges of inciting violence in the days following the forced dispersal of protestors in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda squares.

Abd Al-Latif Al-Henawi, Director of Investigations within Suez, agreed to transfer the teacher to the Ataqa jail located near the Ataqa police station. Eid further agreed to renew the detention of two other Muslim Brotherhood leaders who were arrested two weeks ago on charges of inciting violence.

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