Rania el Mashat:Tourism acts as an engine of Egyptian economic growth

Minister of Tourism Rania el Mashat asserted that tourism is a vital sector for the Egyptian economy, describing it as one of the largest service industries and an important engine of economic growth in the country.

Addressing a session of the “Diversity and Inclusion Week” organized by Procter and Gamble Company in Egypt, one of the biggest investors in the chemical industries sector, Mashat said one of her ministry’s priorities over the past period was to involve the government, parliament and private sector in outlining a vision for the development of the sector.

The Procter and Gamble session was organized coinciding with celebrations of the World Women Day, which is celebrated annually on March 9.

Mashat said the Tourism Ministry aims at achieving the 17 sustainable development objectives which have been drawn up by the United Nations and linking them with the tourism industry in a way that could guarantee gender equality, women empowerment as well as creating the appropriate atmosphere for work.

The tourism sector in Egypt needs to be restructured to increase its competitiveness among world countries and cope up with the international changes, she added.

Mashat also highlighted international media reports which showed positive indicators about choosing Egypt as one of the best tourist destinations in 2019.

The minister revealed plans for launching tourism promotion campaigns including one on the inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020 (GEM2020) and another campaign under the name of “Branding by Destination” to promote for each Egyptian city alone especially Siwa, Hurghada, Marsa Allam and Sharm El Sheikh.

The concept of the promotion campaigns will focus on involving successful Egyptian personalities in the fields of art, sports and others to help in the promotion for such cities, she added.

The minister also pressed the need for increasing awareness in the society about the importance of such industry and means of reinforcing its supportive factors especially ways to deal with tourists. In this regard, she pointed out to ongoing cooperation with the Ministry of Education to teach some values about tourism to school and university students.

Source: State Information Service Egypt