Protesters end sit-ins after Morsy overthrown

Work has returned to normal in most of Egypt's governorates, following disruptions for over a week as demonstrations rallied to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsy.

After days of mass protests across the country, Morsy was ousted on Wednesday evening.

In Beheira, work resumed in the governorate's local council, directorates and state institutions.
Thousands of citizens celebrated until the early hours of Thursday, amassing outside the local council and al-Sa'a Square in Damanhour City, after Morsy was toppled and Supreme Constitutional Court head Adly Mansour announced as interim president.
Work at state institutions In Qaliubiya also resumed Thursday.
Protesters dispersed sit-ins outside key buildings, while employees of city councils and housing and education departments returned to work after a one-week disruption due to protests.
Employees expressed joy at the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood and their return to work.
In Monufiya's Shebien al-Koam, protesters ended a five-day demonstration as state employees returned to the local council and service departments.
Protesters opened the main gate of the Shebien al-Koam local council after closing it for 17 days to prevent Muslim Brotherhood-appointed governor Ahmed al-Shaarawy from entering. Citizens joined live performances outside the building.
In Damietta, work returned to normal following a three-day disruption.
Citizens continued celebrations until the early hours, carrying police officers on their shoulders.
Chants of "The police and the people are one hand!" could be heard while other revellers slaughtered calves and sheep in celebration.