Pro-Morsy rally returns to Nahda, Rabea squares

Supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy have started leaving Qasr al-Aini Street heading to squares at Rabea al-Adaweya and Nahda, current strongholds of Islamist rallies against Egypt's interim government.

Groups of pro-Morsy protesters could be seen returning to Nahda Square close to Manial, an earlier flashpoint of violence between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and local residents.

Thousands of pro-Morsy protesters marched from outside the Doctors Syndicate on Qasr al-Aini Street heading to the Cabinet building to demonstrate against the new government's formation.

Clashes erupted among the protesters and other demonstrators in Tahrir Square, as the march reached as far as Simon Bolivar Square to protest outside the U.S. embassy against Washington's stance towards the 3 July ‘"military coup."

Central Security Forces separated the two groups.

Clashes had earlier erupted as the march passed through downtown Cairo.

Protesters marched from the Cabinet heading toward the U.S. embassy via Garden City, where residents hurled eggs at protesters.

Central Security Forces closed all roads leading to the Cabinet, Tahrir Square and the embassy.

A high security presence could be seen throughout downtown Cairo and traffic along the Nile Corniche came to a near standstill.

Demonstrators had earlier announced their intention to march on the U.S. embassy.

Muslim Brotherhood figure Saad al-Husseiny said the Qasr al-Aini march would head to the embassy to condemn Washington's lukewarm stance on the political situation in Egypt.

The rally would address a message to U.S. President Barack Obama that “he took part in destroying Egyptian democracy through his approval of the coup carried out by Defense Minister [Abdel Fattah] al-Sisi.”

Husseiny told protesters that Sisi performed the coup against Morsy on 3 July with the help of the intelligence services, not the people's will.

The Muslim Brotherhood, according to Husseiny, will not negotiate with an 'illegitimate presidency," one day after the new interim Cabinet led by Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy was announced.

Earlier, protesters could be seen forming human chains to secure the march, vowing to remain there until 5 pm.

Chants against Defence Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi could be heard over loudspeakers in the area. 

Crowds also raised banners reading “No to treason” and “No to the military coup.”

Edited translation from MENA and Al-Masry Al-Youm