Pro-Morsy alliance says army committing ‘genocide’ in Sinai

Led by the Muslim Brotherhood, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy has accused army forces of reviving policies of marginalization and oppression practiced by the former Mubarak regime in Sinai. 
"God-willing, all that will come to an end at the hands of the sons of Sinai and Egypt's revolutionaries after the bloody coup is brought down," said a statement by the alliance. 
The army has been targeting what it describes as terrorist haves and announced that it had killed several extremist militants. Attacks in the peninsula have escalated recently following the removal of former President Mohamed Morsy in July.
"While a number of Zionist security officials visit Egypt to coordinate with their Egyptian counterparts what they call the 'war against terror,' we see movement by Zionist forces at Egyptian borders and coup-makers launching a genocide against Egyptians in Sinai, even shelling mosques, demolshing homes, bombing cars and killing livestock."
The statement, published on the alliance's facebook page, said the security and economic situation is worsening under the "rule of the generals" in reference to a recent decree by the interim president to extend the state of emergency.