Pro-Morsy alliance decries Egyptian-Israeli security meeting

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Morsy, said it was surprised that security authorities met with an Israeli security delegation to coordinate action regarding the ongoing crackdown on terrorism in Sinai.
In a statement, of which Egypt Independent obtained a copy, the alliance said Egyptian security authorities are coordinating efforts with their Israeli counterparts to kill innocent people, destroy their homes, burn their cars, kill their cattle, remove their olive and citrus trees, burn palm trees and demolish mosques just like the Israeli army in the occupied territories [of Palestine].   
Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed al-Beltagy had once said that halting the jihadist operations in Sinai was tied to the return of legitimacy or the return of Morsy to power. His statements were understood as a sign of the close ties between jihadists and the Brotherhood in which both sides gave logistic support to the other.
The alliance added that committees, institutions and authorities whose members were appointed by the new political regime are invalid.
The statement added that the economy is collapsing, with prices rising, external debt increasing and the regime borrowing to finance the budget deficit. Meanwhile, the salaries of army and police officers are being raised as though to reward them for the massacres they committed against Egyptians, the statement said. The statement added that the failure to implement the minimum wage may be understandable but questioned the delay in implementing the maximum wage in light of the current economic crisis.
The statement also said that the arrest and humiliation of women and the arrest and killing of revolutionaries will only serve to ignite the fire of peaceful protest. The statement called on Egyptians to take to the streets on Tuesday to honor the martyrs who died for freedom.