Pro-Morsy alliance accuses authorities of fabricating interior minister assassination attempt


A National Alliance to Support Legitimacy leader accused Egyptian authorities of fabricating the assassination attempt of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim on Thursday.
The Muslim Brotherhood meanwhile denounced the attack on Ibrahim's motorcade by unidentified assailants on Thursday morning, stressing it upholds peacefulness and opposes any violence against the authorities or ordinary citizens.
The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy warned that the incident may be a "plot" by the current authorities to justify a massacre they intend to commit against protesters on Friday.
"We reject any attempt to assassinate any leader or politician, and our ideology stands against violence and murder," Brotherhood leader Mamdouh al-Husseiny told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
Husseiny said attempts to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of carrying out the incident is "invalid and unacceptable" as the group has been adopting peaceful means since 80 years. He added that strong evidence is needed to accuse the Brotherhood, denying at the same time such evidence could ever exist because the group announced at all forums and occassions it would not use violence.
Meanwhile, Diaa al-Sawy, a leader of the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, accused the current authorities of being involved in the incident to cover the killings they carried out and intend to do in the next phase.
Sawy pointed out that supporters of toppled President Mohamed Morsy did not use violence since the first day of demonstrations in support of legitimacy. Sawy said demonstrators would not resort to violence, no matter the extent of violence "coup" authorities would use against them.
Sawy concluded his remarks to Al-Masry Al -Youm saying: "We are afraid this incident, at this time, possibly aims to provide the excuse for a massacre to be committed Friday during the demonstrations planned by supporters of [toppled] President Mohamed Morsy."