Prisoners object to their deportation to Egypt

Five Egyptian prisoners detained in a Kuwaiti jail have objected to being deported, demanding that their country’s diplomatic mission delay their expulsion so that they can resolve their problems, a diplomatic source said in Cairo on Tuesday.

The source explained that the five prisoners have asked the Egyptian consulate to obstruct their deportation until they can settle their issues in Kuwait, possibly by finding employment. The detainees are charged with engaging in criminal activities, the source said.

Earlier this month, Wael Gad, Egypt’s consul in Kuwait, had delegated a consular committee to investigate the cases of Egyptian detainees at Kuwait’s al-Ebaad prison while procedures for their deportation back to Egypt were being completed.

The committee met with the prison administration to review the cases of all the prisoners and to discuss the required procedures to expedite their deportation.

Edited translation from MENA