President Sisi Pays Visit to Armed Forces, Police in Arish

In a clear-cut message to the world on stability of the situation in Sinai and the Egyptian Armed Forces determination to uproot terrorism, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi paid a visit to inspect elements of the Armed Forces and civilian police in security checkpoints in Arish.

The President appeared in the military uniform for the first time since he took over the Presidency in a clear indication that all Egyptians are in one trench with their Armed Forces in the face of terrorism.

The President inspected the arms that have been seized. At his meeting with officers and soldiers, the President said that the situation in Sinai is not only under control, but is also completely stable.

In his speech during the visit in North Sinai, President Sisi said the terrorist incidents in Sinai proved that unless the Egyptians had revolted on June 30, 2013 to topple the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s fascist regime, the terrorists would have announced Sinai as an Islamist province.

The President said the current incidents affirmed the assumption that the Islamists wanted and try to forcefully carry it out now, a message, which was clearly perceived by all Egyptians.

He said that Sinai’s area is 60,000 square kilometers, and Rafah, Arish and Sheikh Zuwaid merely occupy five percent of this area, pointing out that the domestic and foreign media helped convey a false picture.

Sisi added that he was confident in the army men’s capability in handling and countering the attacks appropriately; stressing the major damage and casualties, the military inflicted on the attackers, as the death toll among them reached around 200 at least.

The President said that he had to come to North Sinai to thank the troops in person while wearing the military uniform in appreciation of and respect to their efforts and sacrifices.

President Sisi asserted that history will remember the battles of the Egyptian army in defending Egypt’s borders, its territories and people in view of the hard circumstances of the region along with its contribution to the development of the country and boosting national economy.