President Sisi Meets With Senior Egyptian Scientists

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi met at the Presidential palace with senior Egyptian scientists and experts in the fields of higher education, scientific research and pre -university education, mega projects, energy, agriculture, geology, IT, medicine, public health, and economy.

The meeting was attended by Dr Ahmed Zewail, Dr Magdy Yaacob, Dr Nabil Fouad, Dr Victor Rizk, Dr Mervat Abu Bakr, Eng Hany Azer, Eng Hany Al Noqrashy, Eng Ibrahim Samak, Dr Hany Al Khateb, Dr Mohamed Al Bahi, Dr Ali Al Faramawy, Dr Mohamed Ghoneim, and Dr Ahmed Okasha.

Presidential spokesman ambassador Ehab Badawy said the president indicated that these scientists represent the nucleus of the aisory council which will include distinguished Egyptian scientists who are capable of offering a strategic visualization of the Egyptian State in the future.


Source : Egypt State Information Service