Presidency vows to find would-be assassins

The presidency issued a statement, condemning the assassination attempt on Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, whose motorcade was targeted by a roadside bomb Thursday morning, and vowed to find the perpetrators of the attack.

“We will not allow terrorism that has already been defeated by the Egyptian people in the 1980s and 1990s to rear its ugly face again,” the presidency said in the statement.
The presidency is committed to protecting the lives of the Egyptian people and public and private property, the statement added.
Officials will confront with full determination any attempt to unjustly shed a single drop of blood of an Egyptian citizen, the statement read.
“The state promises the Egyptian people that the perpetrators of terrorist crimes, whatever their affiliation is, will not escape the sword of the law and the grip of justice.”
“Such terrorist acts will not prevent the Egyptian state from progressing to the future, but will rather increase its belief and determination to meet its promise to not to let anyone, whoever it may be, to intimidate the Egyptian people or stand against their march toward their own future.”
Ibrahim survived a bombing in Mostafa al-Nahas Street near his house, east of Cairo, where more than 20 people were reportedly injured.
A public prosecution source said initial investigations indicated that the bombing was caused by a roadside explosive device.
Edited translation from MENA