Popular Current delegation in Tunisia to offer condolences for opposition figure assassination

A delegation from the Popular Current headed on Tuesday to Tunisia to offer its condolences regarding the death of Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed Brahimi, who was killed by extremists in front of his house.
The delegation, presided by ambassador Maasoum Marzouq, head of the Current’s foreign relations committee, Magda Ghoneim, member of the board of trustees, and Emad Hamdi, the spokesperson, will visit Brahimi’s family and then head to Sidi Bouzeid, where the revolution was sparked and Brahimi was born.
They will take part in a march in protest of the frequent assassinations of opposition figures and show unity among Egyptian and Tunisian causes as well as the necessity to confront violence and terrorism in the two countries.
Meanwhile, members of political groups will stage on Thursday a march in front of the Tunisian embassy upon a call by the Popular Current to condemn the murder of Brahimi, voice their demand of expediting the investigation into the identity of the perpetrators, and protest against terrorism in all Arab nations.
The Popular Current issued a statement mourning Brahimi and warned against a wave of assassinations in Tunisia, which began with the murder of Chokri Belaid. It stressed that people will not be tolerant with criminals and anyone who incites such crimes.
Head of the Current Hamdeen Sabbahi condemned the murder of Brahimi, saying, “May God keep Brahimi. His blood will always be a curse that chases those who call for violence and extremism and who know nothing but the language of disagreement.
Edited translation from MENA