Popular Current: Cabinet must be efficient

Popular Current expressed hope that ongoing talks over the formation of the cabinet would conclude over the coming few days. The process is representative of the revolution, it said.

It also hopes that the standards of efficiency and good governance outlined by Prime Minister Hazem al-Biblawy guide the selection process.
The party added that it expects the government to be made up of patriotic figures and that it prioritize work on halting economic losses and taking measures to achieve social justice. It also wants the cabinet to establish security and stability, and follow up on promises of national reconciliation and constitutional amendments.
The party expressed their support of the interim cabinet and their readiness to drum up support so long as the cabinet sticks to its commitments. The party added that it had not submitted a list of nominees for the ministerial posts.
Popular Current also expressed its readiness to participate, along with other political groups, in ongoing talks over cabinet nominations in an unbiased manner.
Edited translation from MENA