Popular Current accuses Brotherhood of assaulting one of its leaders

The Popular Current accused Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Rabaa al-Adawiya of assaulting one of its leaders and two other young men on Tuesday.

Members of the Brotherhood allegedly damaged a car belonging to Abdel Wahhab, a leader of the Popular Current, and abducted him, according to a statement published by the party issued Wednesday.

The statement said that Abdel Wahhab was at the Ettehaidya with some protesters when they were told that the Brotherhood would stage a march from Rabaa to the Ettehadiya. Abdel Wahhab and two young men were driving a car to Rabaa to verify the news when several protesters assaulted them, damaged the car, and gave them a severe beating.

The statement said Abdel Wahhab and the two men managed to escape the place where they were being detained before dawn and headed to the Nasr City police station to file a report of the incident.